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angellpod instructions step 1

Step 1

Application on a porous surface. Please use White plastic backing plate. Simply peel the back of the adhesive pad and position in the desired location and press on wall firmly.

If applying to Gloss tiles or glass surfaces, please skip to step 2.

angellpod instructions step2

Step 2

Position Suction Cup in desired position or on backing plate (if used) and press firmly.

Tip: Pressing on the bump in the middle of the Suction Cup is the most effective way to secure it

And press firmly around the outside.

angellpod instructions step 3

Step 3

Adjust the strap to the approximate length required.

angellpod instructions step 4

Step 4

Pull down over the top of the bottle. Ensure the lip of the Angellpod is secure under the cap of the bottle. Tighten strap onto the neck of the dispenser bottle and make sure it is secured onto the internal tooth.

angellpod instructions step 5

Step 5

Fold any excess strap into the recess.

angellpod instructions step 6

Step 6

Slide the mount down onto the Suction Cup.